Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
09.06.2022 Bgg Russian FederationBgg Boev Vladislav WAVE WAVE
09.06.2022 Click GermanyClick Haydem Ali WAVE WAVE
08.06.2022 mir Russian Federationmir Nikolay Bityukov Spirit EIQ
08.06.2022 Magnum Czech RepublicMagnum Martin Peňkov FNC KOI
08.06.2022 Shrew SwedenShrew Gabriel Gessle KOI KOI
08.06.2022 reazy Turkeyreazy Kaan Urpek AUR REG
08.06.2022 p0wa77 Turkeyp0wa77 Ozkan Arslanturk FUT S2G
08.06.2022 Nightshare Czech RepublicNightshare Tomáš Kněžínek IMT.A IMT
07.06.2022 AlcesT PolandAlcesT Adrian Chyziak AVEZ NAVI J
07.06.2022 xwudd Chinaxwudd Wu Bo WuDu 17
07.06.2022 MachineGunner United StatesMachineGunner Owen Monahan STK LG
07.06.2022 PurdyKurty United StatesPurdyKurty Kurtis Bond STK LG
07.06.2022 pentalol United Statespentalol Andrew Franco STK LG
07.06.2022 aLOW United StatesaLOW Aaron Lommen STK LG
07.06.2022 luke12 Australialuke12 Luke Newey STK LG
07.06.2022 Dhokla United StatesDhokla Niship Doshi CLG.A CLG
06.06.2022 f4stzin Brazilf4stzin Arthur Schmitt CAS CAS
06.06.2022 samys Brazilsamys Samara Ferreira Cruzeiro FEM W7M FEM
06.06.2022 Lele ChinaLele Dang Bo-lin FPB FPX
06.06.2022 Selfmade PolandSelfmade Oskar Boderek VIT VIT
06.06.2022 Kurtzzz BrazilKurtzzz Vitor Monteiro GG MvG
05.06.2022 Splash United StatesSplash - ATK NKG
05.06.2022 Ran Republic of KoreaRan - SPG PANTHERA
05.06.2022 JLT Republic of KoreaJLT Kim Sang-woo SPG PANTHERA
05.06.2022 moon Republic of Koreamoon - PLG PANTHERA
05.06.2022 Harder ChinaHarder Zhou Shi-hao AL.Y AL
05.06.2022 GG Sir NetherlandsGG Sir Stijn Drissen NLE LION
05.06.2022 Achilles BelgiumAchilles Afidullah Hamid NLE LION
05.06.2022 YallaSafSaf NetherlandsYallaSafSaf Safièn Godthelp NLE LION
05.06.2022 Tchokez BelgiumTchokez Steven Hertogs NLE LION
04.06.2022 Kingfisher AustraliaKingfisher David Kingsford RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Sico New ZealandSico Simon Williams RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Hatz AustraliaHatz Jordan Bajic RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 INS AustraliaINS Joshua Potter RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 aliStair AustraliaaliStair Alistair Johnston RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Liazz AustraliaLiazz John James Tregillgas RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 vity Spainvity Victor Medina Iglesias BTS BTS
04.06.2022 v0rwenn Spainv0rwenn Tomas Baldrich SSP BTS
04.06.2022 Gori Republic of KoreaGori Kim Tae-woo FPX PSG
04.06.2022 TRIFT HungaryTRIFT Ábel Lonovics WiLD WiLD
04.06.2022 Maybe Next Time GreeceMaybe Next Time Apostolos Verros CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 OwnedMe DenmarkOwnedMe Mathias Huynh CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 Lodine UkraineLodine Oleg Kvasha CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 MTD FinlandMTD Samu Hautala CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 PLEB BulgariaPLEB Stoyan Kostov CHILLAX DGG
03.06.2022 roeJ DenmarkroeJ Fredrik Jørgensen CPHF FNC
03.06.2022 nicoodoz Denmarknicoodoz Nico Tamjidi CPHF FNC
03.06.2022 HooXi DenmarkHooXi Rasmus Nielsen CPHF CPHF
03.06.2022 jabbi Denmarkjabbi Jakob Nygaard CPHF CPHF
03.06.2022 Zyphon DenmarkZyphon Rasmus Nordfoss CPHF CPHF


Valorant is a young but already quite popular esports discipline. Tournaments in this game attract not only players and audiences but also investors. Yes, Valorant cybersport is a competition and a serious business. The revenues in this business are unusually high and reach millions of dollars. Esports teams act here as commercial organizations that compete with each other in the market. Just like in business, in esports, everything is decided by personnel. For this reason, Valorant top teams try to recruit the most experienced and productive cyber players. Managers regularly review the Valorant player ratings to see which cyber athletes they would like to see on their team.
Valorant top players, in turn, try to find an organization that can provide them with a comfortable environment for work and career growth. Among the main factors that may influence the decision to join a particular club are the following:
– Opportunities for self-realization and development
– High wages
– Availability of an experienced coach and conditions for preparing for competitions
– Comfortable and friendly atmosphere within the team
– Adequate management
Unfortunately, it is not always possible for players to find a team that meets all of their needs. For this reason, players often move from one club to another in Valorant. These transitions are called transfers.
Every time a team signs a contract with a cyber player, they know the risks and accept them. A newcomer must get used to the new conditions and spend more than one training session to understand the team strategy and learn to communicate with teammates. For this reason, even the top teams that have recently changed their line-up may not show the best results in tournaments for some time.
Thus, transfers of Valorant players seriously impact the teams’ performance. Knowing the recent changes in the composition of the team, one can even predict its success in competitions with a certain degree of probability.