Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
18.08.2021 Kreez Kreez - REM REM
18.08.2021 toxicZeina toxicZeina - REM REM
18.08.2021 Driver Driver - REM REM
18.08.2021 Mazen Mazen - REM REM
18.08.2021 Louda Louda - REM 3BL
18.08.2021 sporky sporky - Punished Punished
17.08.2021 lukzz lukzz - TKG TKG
17.08.2021 zeK zeK - TKG TKG
17.08.2021 JokK JokK - TKG TKG
17.08.2021 Magnet Magnet - NGEN NGEN
17.08.2021 zFA zFA - SiR SiR
17.08.2021 RoC RoC - SiR SiR
17.08.2021 BEASTy BEASTy - SiR SiR
17.08.2021 Sliz Sliz - SiR SiR
17.08.2021 RALPH RALPH - SiR SiR
17.08.2021 Monkey Monkey - euph euph
17.08.2021 He11sing He11sing - euph 3BL
17.08.2021 Mustafa Mustafa - euph euph
17.08.2021 iboss iboss - euph OPY
17.08.2021 hexz0r hexz0r - euph euph
17.08.2021 Rexus Rexus - 3BL ETY
17.08.2021 RockeT RockeT Ahmed Mohamed 3BL NASR
17.08.2021 B4HA B4HA Baha Mohamad Oqap 3BL YaLLa
17.08.2021 B4HA B4HA - 3BL -
3BL -
17.08.2021 Maaatrix Maaatrix - 3BL L7z
17.08.2021 Rowme Rowme - AnX AnX
17.08.2021 Lonely Brox Lonely Brox - AnX AnX
17.08.2021 ON Fire ON Fire - AnX AnX
17.08.2021 Fenshi Fenshi - AnX AnX
17.08.2021 Destiny Destiny - AnX AnX
17.08.2021 Stoner Stoner - T69 T69
17.08.2021 kream kream - FURY HB
17.08.2021 Squeakz Squeakz - FURY NERD
17.08.2021 BraxxyyF BraxxyyF - OS OS
16.08.2021 SN0X SN0X - OPY CUT
16.08.2021 tixx tixx - K16 Juicers
16.08.2021 Awake Awake - Punished Punished
15.08.2021 hASVAN hASVAN - SCM SCM
15.08.2021 Haïden Haïden - SCM SCM
15.08.2021 EliteC EliteC - SCM SCM
14.08.2021 L1quid L1quid - Psycho Psycho
14.08.2021 reign reign - Twis BSL
14.08.2021 chz chz - Twis BSL
14.08.2021 chz chz - Twis -
Twis -
14.08.2021 c0de6 c0de6 - NOFEAR5 SES FEM
14.08.2021 KYO KYO - fReya IDC
14.08.2021 Sliicyy Sliicyy Lucy Tran TENSTAR N TENSTAR N
14.08.2021 LiriLia LiriLia - TENSTAR N TENSTAR N
14.08.2021 Lucy Lucy - TENSTAR N TENSTAR N
14.08.2021 quqa quqa - maybegokilla maybegokilla


Valorant is a young but already quite popular esports discipline. Tournaments in this game attract not only players and audiences but also investors. Yes, Valorant cybersport is a competition and a serious business. The revenues in this business are unusually high and reach millions of dollars. Esports teams act here as commercial organizations that compete with each other in the market. Just like in business, in esports, everything is decided by personnel. For this reason, Valorant top teams try to recruit the most experienced and productive cyber players. Managers regularly review the Valorant player ratings to see which cyber athletes they would like to see on their team.
Valorant top players, in turn, try to find an organization that can provide them with a comfortable environment for work and career growth. Among the main factors that may influence the decision to join a particular club are the following:
– Opportunities for self-realization and development
– High wages
– Availability of an experienced coach and conditions for preparing for competitions
– Comfortable and friendly atmosphere within the team
– Adequate management
Unfortunately, it is not always possible for players to find a team that meets all of their needs. For this reason, players often move from one club to another in Valorant. These transitions are called transfers.
Every time a team signs a contract with a cyber player, they know the risks and accept them. A newcomer must get used to the new conditions and spend more than one training session to understand the team strategy and learn to communicate with teammates. For this reason, even the top teams that have recently changed their line-up may not show the best results in tournaments for some time.
Thus, transfers of Valorant players seriously impact the teams’ performance. Knowing the recent changes in the composition of the team, one can even predict its success in competitions with a certain degree of probability.