Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
18.08.2021 Zirgry Zirgry - PAY PAY
17.08.2021 xMC9x xMC9x - INFN INFN
17.08.2021 CozyBoss CozyBoss - MDS MDS
17.08.2021 MonKeYKinG MonKeYKinG - DCE DCE
17.08.2021 w4yG w4yG - PAY PAY
17.08.2021 Marueiz Marueiz - PAY PAY
17.08.2021 TGLTE TGLTE - PAY PAY
17.08.2021 3ugNueng 3ugNueng - DCE DCE
17.08.2021 Theerachai Theerachai - PAY PAY
17.08.2021 JohNxJuST JohNxJuST - DCE DCE
17.08.2021 NOS NOS - DCE DCE
14.08.2021 Jogcker Jogcker - GUP -
14.08.2021 Getyous Getyous - IT IT
13.08.2021 MrSedaT MrSedaT Sedat Detin 836P 836P
13.08.2021 SlippyZerg SlippyZerg Eren Akturk 836P 836P
13.08.2021 LeventMdk LeventMdk Levent Madak 836P 836P
13.08.2021 Nex Nex - ESPL ESPL
13.08.2021 Esqui Esqui - 836P 836P
13.08.2021 AbULMiir AbULMiir - RTG RTG
13.08.2021 HSENBD7 HSENBD7 - OM OM
13.08.2021 BOSS BOSS - HQ HQ
13.08.2021 SNIPER SNIPER - OM OM
13.08.2021 BinLaggin BinLaggin - HQ HQ
13.08.2021 Yuski Yuski - UWM UWM
13.08.2021 N3ith N3ith - HVX HVX
13.08.2021 PUN1SH3R PUN1SH3R - HQ HQ
13.08.2021 ABBASK12 ABBASK12 - OM OM
13.08.2021 Benshi Benshi - UWM UWM
13.08.2021 Charbel Charbel - HQ HQ
13.08.2021 Shadee Shadee - UWM UWM
13.08.2021 SPIRO SPIRO - OM OM
13.08.2021 Goku Goku - UWM UWM
13.08.2021 Nightmare Nightmare - IFG IFG
13.08.2021 Tamer Tamer - KRG KRG
13.08.2021 zWiSs zWiSs - ICY ICY
13.08.2021 ANT4R ANT4R - ICY ICY
13.08.2021 SPARTAcus SPARTAcus - CE CE
13.08.2021 BasH BasH - KRG KRG
13.08.2021 Rw Rw - ICY ICY
13.08.2021 4BzZ 4BzZ - ICY ICY
13.08.2021 buyukayi buyukayi Ozgur Develi IW IW
13.08.2021 LAHZA LAHZA Semihcan Sahin - SMB
13.08.2021 IGluttony IGluttony Ozan Guven RARE FUT
13.08.2021 Metebey Metebey Metehan Avc KFLR KFLR
13.08.2021 shecreated shecreated Fatih Berat Yagci RARE FUT
13.08.2021 Saban Saban - TyT TyT
13.08.2021 Murfle Murfle - KFLR KFLR
13.08.2021 Jessie Jessie - DJR DJR
13.08.2021 MuzluSoda MuzluSoda - DJR DJR
13.08.2021 Voldemon Voldemon - XF XF


PUBG is a popular esports discipline that attracts the attention of millions of players and fans around the world. Esports teams compete in tournaments for huge prize pools. When millions of dollars are at stake, it becomes clear that participation in competitions is not just entertainment but business. For this reason, PUBG’s top players try to join the best teams represented in the professional scene. In turn, team managers try to create the necessary conditions for all organization members to feel comfortable and focus on preparing for tournaments. In addition, managers review the PUBG player ratings and monitor the performance of their wards. As a rule, the results are summed up after major tournaments and at the end of the playing season. During this period, contracts between clubs and cyber players expire. At the end of the season, players and management have an impression of the results of interactions. The contract can be either extended or closed. At these moments, team line-up changes occur most often, and players move to other teams. These line-up changes are called transfers.
Of course, in esports and specifically in PUBG, player transitions from one team to another do not happen as often as in classic sports. Esports teams are small, so the substitution of even one player has a significant impact on the results of matches. Therefore, before signing up players for PUBG transfers, club management should carefully consider the pros and cons of the decision. Esports organizations are investors looking for success and trying to make money by winning tournaments. For this reason, management may consult with players to discuss the changes.
On this page, we have posted the transfers of PUBG players, describing the detailed information of each contract. Now you can go to our website and learn about all the current changes that have happened or should happen in the teams.