Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
04.08.2020 HuaMao HuaMao Zhou Xiaolong Team1 -
Team1 -
04.08.2020 Zhufanjun Zhufanjun He Junjian Team1 China
04.08.2020 JIQIREN JIQIREN Yansong Wei Team1 Miraculous
04.08.2020 YangXiaoLong YangXiaoLong Zhihao Zhang Team2 CDH
04.08.2020 Creed Creed Yan Xiao Team2 CDH
04.08.2020 5king 5king Zhaoyu Chen Team2 CC
04.08.2020 RUI RUI Wang Xingrui Team2 CDH
03.08.2020 Fleta Fleta Byungsun Kim SHD SHD
03.08.2020 Void Void Jun Woo Kang SHD SHD
03.08.2020 Cr0ng Cr0ng Nam Gicheol GZC GZC
03.08.2020 FEARLESS FEARLESS Euiseok Lee SHD DAL
03.08.2020 Stand1 Stand1 Ji Won Seo SHD BOS
12.05.2020 Stand1 Stand1 - ZEN -
29.02.2020 Stand1 Stand1 - CUCU -
19.02.2020 Stand1 Stand1 - KBU -
05.09.2019 TiZi TiZi Janghyun Hwang VAN -
26.08.2019 Mcgravy Mcgravy Caleb Mcgarvey VAL FLA
25.08.2019 FunnyAstro FunnyAstro Daniel Hathaway ATL GLA
25.08.2019 Custa Custa Scott Kennedy GLA Australia
25.08.2019 KariV KariV Youngseo Bak GLA GZC
25.08.2019 FCTFCTN FCTFCTN Russell Campbell GLA NBL
25.08.2019 Agilities Agilities Brady Girardi GLA VAL
25.08.2019 SPACE SPACE Indy Halpern GLA GLA
25.08.2019 KSF KSF Kyle Frandanisa GLA HOU
25.08.2019 Decay Decay Gui-un Jang VAL DAL
15.08.2019 Karayan Karayan Choi Sanha FLA O2B
12.08.2019 Mizuki Mizuki Muhua Chen CC LTP
09.08.2019 Stellar Stellar Dohyung Lee BOS UA
06.08.2019 Fuze Fuze Kim Tae-hoon FUN LDN
06.08.2019 MER1T MER1T Choi Tae-min LGEHY O2B
01.08.2019 Molf1g Molf1g Mikkel Djernes BH LDN
01.08.2019 Hadi Hadi Daniel Bleinagel BH LDN
30.07.2019 Jasper Jasper Hyunwook Kim MET T1W
30.07.2019 MCD MCD Lee Jeong-ho EM BOS
27.07.2019 fragi fragi Joona Laine GZC Finland
27.07.2019 Bischu Bischu Aaron Kim GZC GLA
26.07.2019 KSAA KSAA Alhumaidi Alruwaili YAB FE EU
26.07.2019 IZaYaKI IZaYaKI Min Chul Kim SHD SHD
24.07.2019 Daemin Daemin Daemin Kim MET SHD
24.07.2019 HALF HALF Park Jongseo MET CC.KR
24.07.2019 Teru Teru Kim Min-gi MET VAN
24.07.2019 jerry jerry Taehee Min MET WAS
24.07.2019 InHyeok InHyeok Inhyeok Jeong MET DMN
24.07.2019 Named Named Seo WonJung MET -
15.07.2019 Kadalis Kadalis Yeonghwan Ra LGD T1
15.07.2019 MELON MELON Jungho Shin LGD -
09.07.2019 Fr3e Fr3e Tae Ihn Yoon LF GBW
09.07.2019 Waffle Waffle Lee Sang-hyun LF WGS
09.07.2019 evillx evillx Hanbin Zhao LF FFF


Professional esports teams competing in Overwatch competitions will always strive to recruit the best players. It makes sense because Overwatch tournaments are won thanks to the efforts of cyber players. The more experienced the player, the more they can contribute to their club’s victory. For this reason, club managers regularly review Overwatch player ratings, keeping track of the statistics of their players, as well as looking at the results their competitors show. If managers see that one member of their team has given up and is not pulling the game, they can change the composition of the team, replacing players with more experienced ones. However, the initiative can come not only from the management. Sometimes the transfers of players to other teams occur at the request of the players themselves. As a rule, it happens when they realize that they have outgrown their club and they become interested in the top Overwatch teams. In this case, they may move to another organization in order to move on. In addition, a personal conflict may be the reason for changing the organization. Cyber players are real people who are often in stressful situations. Sometimes emotions can prevail, which can lead to negative reactions to the teammates’ actions. A rude, unrestrained remark or an inappropriate statement can provoke a quarrel between the players. Considering that Overwatch is a team-based esports discipline in which team cohesion is of utmost importance, conflicts between teammates can affect the team’s performance in tournaments. Top Overwatch players try to control their emotions, but remaining calm in critical situations is not always possible.
For these reasons, the players with expired contracts may go to another club. These transitions are called transfers. We have the main transfers of OW players and detailed information about them on this page. We update the data regularly, so you can follow the changes that happen within the teams in real-time.