Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
18.08.2021 Xavieles Xavieles Vilius Baltušis GGM WOLF
18.08.2021 Domoles Domoles Dominik Nowacki ARR ARR
18.08.2021 Sh4dowUS Sh4dowUS Radosław Walkowiak ARR ARR
18.08.2021 Adison Adison Adrian Głuszczenko ARR ARR
18.08.2021 Robertoos Robertoos Robert Krzyżanowski ARR ARR
18.08.2021 Makk Makk Mikołaj Makówka ARR ARR
18.08.2021 Czaru Czaru Krystian Przybylski EAS TEG
18.08.2021 Bolszak Bolszak Patryk Jażdżewski EAS TEG
18.08.2021 Grk Grk Konrad Górniak EAS TEG
18.08.2021 Biosun Biosun Patryk Kołkiewicz EAS DV1
18.08.2021 Ariana Ariana Jakub Śliwonik EAS AF
18.08.2021 Ariana Ariana - SHE -
18.08.2021 Ariana Ariana - SHE -
18.08.2021 SkillHard SkillHard Nicolas Gonzalez Corredor GLG GLG
18.08.2021 Luprin Luprin Daniel Mendoza SHE SHE
18.08.2021 Ankor Ankor Cristian Martínez SHE SHE
18.08.2021 UnicornG UnicornG Gustavo Pérez SHE Z5
18.08.2021 Caprice Caprice Richard Emmanuel Caron SHE SHE
18.08.2021 Caprice Caprice - SHE -
17.08.2021 Kunou Kunou Sebastián Rendón GLG GLG
17.08.2021 Murillo Murillo Yordy Murillo FTG FTG
17.08.2021 Pipa Pipa - FTG FTG
17.08.2021 Laino Laino - FTG FTG
17.08.2021 Mtnops Mtnops - GLG GLG
17.08.2021 Astronyx Astronyx - GLG GLG
17.08.2021 Jotapé Jotapé - FTG FTG
17.08.2021 Dyrth Dyrth - FTG FTG
17.08.2021 Dyrth Dyrth - KRM -
17.08.2021 Marth Marth Luis De La Rosa WKR WT
17.08.2021 Wambo Wambo Muhammet Bayram WKR WKR
17.08.2021 Jochnes Jochnes Johannes Leo WKR WKR
17.08.2021 Sirmake Sirmake - WKR WKR
17.08.2021 Thraex Thraex Andrea Sica 300 ATE.A
17.08.2021 tooshi tooshi - WKR EE
17.08.2021 Crab Crab - 300 300
17.08.2021 nBeezy nBeezy - 300 300
17.08.2021 nBeezy nBeezy - 300 -
300 -
17.08.2021 Notiko Notiko Nick Celombitko 300 FYN
17.08.2021 noway4u noway4u Frederik Hinteregger NoN NoN
17.08.2021 Broeki Broeki Daniel Broekmann NoN NoN
17.08.2021 Agurin Agurin Muhammed Kocak NoN NoN
17.08.2021 Tolkin Tolkin Niklot Stüber NoN NoN
17.08.2021 Diffrenc Diffrenc Khaled Said CMB SPT
17.08.2021 Mauki Mauki Felix Grohs CMB OP
17.08.2021 Deletus Deletus - CMB CMB
17.08.2021 Karni Karni - NoN NoN
17.08.2021 Biotic Biotic - CMB CMB
17.08.2021 Nano Nano - CMB CMB
17.08.2021 Nano Nano - KRM -
17.08.2021 Lover Lover Lover Suárez S21 S21


LoL players periodically make transitions from one team to another. These transitions are known as transfers. On this page, you can see the current transfers of LoL players.
What can make a player move to another club after belonging to one team for many years? There may be several reasons. One of the reasons may be money. Let’s imagine that the other team liked the player’s results and wants to offer them a transfer. If this case, managers will find out how much the player is worth and how much they are currently being paid. Then they will offer the player a much larger amount of money to transfer to their team. Regardless of how committed the player is to his club, money is usually all it takes for the player to agree.
The second reason why top LoL players change esports teams is the desire to develop their careers and realize their potential in esports. The current team and teammates’ level of play may interfere with their desires. This happens when the level of play of an individual esports player is ahead of their teammates, but they do not move forward. In this case, the player declares their desire to join a team with more experienced and skilled cyber players.
Additionally, League of Legends transfers are also made because of personal disagreements or even conflicts within the esports team. A player who wants to move to another team may simply not get along with their clubmates. There is nothing unusual about this. LoL cybersport is a team work, and if team members cannot find common ground or agree, they are likely to play poorly. Teamwork is essential if players want to win tournaments and championships. Therefore, if a cyber player is better suited for another team, and the coach and teammates agree, then the best solution is probably to change the club.
Major LoL transfers can sometimes become sensations of the gaming season and influence the results of teams’ performance in tournaments. For this reason, it is so important for all those who follow LoL competitions to be aware of all changes in team line-ups.