Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
01.11.2021 ThisIsChris AustriaThisIsChris - NOX ATK
01.11.2021 Firephoenix GermanyFirephoenix - NOX ATK
03.09.2021 Jarla Czech RepublicJarla Jaromír Vyskočil Nordavind 00Nation
31.08.2021 Kanapesh FranceKanapesh - Restart Exalty
20.08.2021 Jaina TurkeyJaina - 836 Pizza KRG
02.08.2021 Minislash FranceMinislash - WebSPELL Pandore
20.04.2021 Sloug BelgiumSloug - Synergie Helios
25.09.2020 DimitriKazov ArgentinaDimitriKazov Lucas Funes AION Chimaera
11.09.2020 TheRabbin SwitzerlandTheRabbin - Servette Geneva Edelweiss
29.07.2020 SaucisseSwan BelgiumSaucisseSwan - IceUp Helios
29.07.2020 Osyris FranceOsyris - Konix Helios
16.07.2020 Jobsad Czech RepublicJobsad - Inside Entropiq
15.07.2020 SaltOPepper GermanySaltOPepper - ATK Divided
01.02.2020 xBlaine GermanyxBlaine - Epikk LionZ
30.01.2020 BunnyHoppor GermanyBunnyHoppor Raphael Peltzer SMS Liquid
30.01.2020 Purple CanadaPurple Ryan Murphy-root TempSt Liquid
30.01.2020 Denimblue7 GermanyDenimblue7 Simon Van De Sand Epikk LionZ
29.01.2020 Zananananan GermanyZananananan Florian Marschner Epikk LionZ
28.01.2020 Avelline GreeceAvelline - Epikk LionZ
11.11.2019 DeadDraw United KingdomDeadDraw Jack Bancroft Viral RBG
16.10.2019 s8ris Lithuanias8ris Džiugas Martinkėnas Zalgiris Timechasers
06.09.2019 Bozzzton SwedenBozzzton Elias Sibelius TFT GODSENT
01.09.2019 Kalas FranceKalas - NORMAND Dizlown
01.09.2019 Gaboumme FranceGaboumme - NORMAND Dizlown
01.09.2019 Alkaige FranceAlkaige - NORMAND Dizlown
21.04.2019 Muzzy United StatesMuzzy Muzahidul I. TempSt Radiance
21.04.2019 Justsaiyan United StatesJustsaiyan David Shan TempSt Radiance
19.09.2018 lnguagehackr Canadalnguagehackr Mihai Dragalin RoyalBlue GE
13.09.2018 KarateSwag SwitzerlandKarateSwag - TE LE
13.09.2018 Dokhan SwitzerlandDokhan - TE LE
13.09.2018 Karpetman SwitzerlandKarpetman - TE LE
13.09.2018 Falkner SwitzerlandFalkner - TE LE
29.08.2018 alexD129 SpainalexD129 - BK SE
23.08.2018 Wharp SpainWharp Oscar Garcia Castillo GFG FG
13.08.2018 Pilou FrancePilou - KLIM Helios
02.08.2018 Florindo PortugalFlorindo - Grow uP WEC
01.08.2018 Zananananan GermanyZananananan Florian Marschner Barrage Vertex
06.06.2018 StrifeCro United StatesStrifeCro Cong Shu Phoenix1 Sentinels
30.04.2018 Slimanelies FranceSlimanelies - Nidhogg NG
13.04.2018 s8ris Lithuanias8ris Džiugas Martinkėnas GDNA Zalgiris
13.04.2018 Tomas LithuaniaTomas - GDNA Zalgiris
12.04.2018 Rosty United StatesRosty - TGS Genji
12.04.2018 Sintolol GermanySintolol - TGS Genji
12.04.2018 Seiko GermanySeiko Linh Nguyen TGS Genji
11.04.2018 Warma FranceWarma Enzo Floch GL Oplon
07.04.2018 xBlyzes FrancexBlyzes Zakarya Hail RWG Mantic0re
01.04.2018 Xifos United StatesXifos - Forbid Run'N Gun
17.03.2018 Bozzzton SwedenBozzzton Elias Sibelius CG RR
22.02.2018 Esteban FranceEsteban - RG Synd
22.02.2018 Maxxe FranceMaxxe - RG Synd


Although Hearthstone is not a team game and the matches are held in the 1-on-1 format, there are esports teams in this discipline. Top Hearthstone players join teams to simplify their lives and delegate some of their tasks to other people. Typically, esports clubs take care of organizational issues, negotiate with sponsors, hire a coach, and pay salaries to esports players. It simplifies the life of players greatly and allows them to concentrate on the most important thing for them, which is preparing for competitions and performing at tournaments.
From time to time, players can make transfers from one club to another or become free agents. These movements are called transfers. Hearthstone transfers can be initiated by the players themselves or by the team management. The players are real people who can be unsatisfied with the conditions of the current contract and may check the offers of other organizations. Managers of top clubs are constantly looking for new players, so they are willing to pay large sums of money to have the best gamers on their side. They regularly review the Hearthstone player rankings, observing the results of the esports players. If they see that a promising player is currently available, they will offer them a transfer. If a player is currently in any club, they can buy them out. As a rule, the size of the proposed amount of money is of key importance in this matter.
Hearthstone players change clubs quite often. If you follow the competitions in this game, and especially if you bet on matches, you should be aware of all the changes in the line-ups of teams. We have posted the current Hearthstone transfers and detailed information about them on this page. Analyzing this information will allow you to assess the balance of power in the professional esports scene better. Now you will be able to predict the results of the competitions more accurately because you will know what organizations the players are in and what conditions are offered to them.