Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
17.08.2021 KingR KingR Renat Abdullin B8 F5
B8 F5
16.08.2021 新手上路 新手上路 - MC MC
16.08.2021 陈冠希的照相机 陈冠希的照相机 - MC MC
16.08.2021 Seitentaisei Seitentaisei - sense7 -
sense7 -
16.08.2021 Koyaanisqatsi Koyaanisqatsi Forrest Paul TC felt
16.08.2021 Lord Gure Leiman Lord Gure Leiman - Omega Meraki
15.08.2021 Salacious Sea Lion Salacious Sea Lion - TNA LP
15.08.2021 RedMonster RedMonster John Mamani bc bc
bc bc
15.08.2021 Jericho Jericho Diego Armando Rivera Jimenez UNK UNK
15.08.2021 greeDy greeDy Alexis Ventura UNK UNK
15.08.2021 Carlin Carlin - - Tv
- Tv
15.08.2021 YadomiJN YadomiJN Junior Reyes Rimari UNK Wolf
15.08.2021 CarJua CarJua Carlos Andrés Santivañez Gutiérrez UNK ExP
15.08.2021 Sonic Sonic Leonid Kuzmenkov BI BI
15.08.2021 Wij Wij Nicolas Moreno Hokori SG
15.08.2021 9pasha 9pasha Pavel Khvastunov HR CIS
15.08.2021 re1bl re1bl Maxim Afanasyev HR HR
14.08.2021 Hyko Hyko Lucas Morais FJ SG
14.08.2021 young G young G Nikita Bochko PC PC
14.08.2021 Blizzy Blizzy Evgenii Ri F5 Hydra
14.08.2021 dream' dream' Kyyalbek Tajirov F5 Hydra
14.08.2021 Crystallis Crystallis Arets Remco SP ETG
14.08.2021 xiao8 xiao8 Ning Zhang PSG.LGD PSG.LGD
13.08.2021 PIPI PIPI Jeanpierre Valente Arroyo bc Infinity
13.08.2021 Toy Toy Apirat Srisaikum MTG HR
12.08.2021 lowkez lowkez Ilgiz Arduganov Witch F5
12.08.2021 Mastery Mastery Alexey Vinchevskiy Witch CHILLAX
12.08.2021 7jesu 7jesu Maxim Senchinevich Witch MG
12.08.2021 squad1x squad1x - Witch NOVA
12.08.2021 So bad So bad Vitaly Oshmankevich M15S NOVA
12.08.2021 Dame Dame Egor Lexutin M15S F5
12.08.2021 Koma` Koma` Kamil Biktimirov M15S SP
12.08.2021 wvnnvcry wvnnvcry - M15S miaww
12.08.2021 swedenstrong swedenstrong - M15S NOVA
12.08.2021 qAzer qAzer Dmitry Soroko BC Cerkov
12.08.2021 Mikka Mikka - BC NC
12.08.2021 Modeto Modeto Shakhmardan Turginbek yve NO BALD
12.08.2021 August' August' - yve LeG
12.08.2021 HardL HardL - yve Omh
12.08.2021 HardL HardL - yve -
yve -
12.08.2021 aKein aKein - yve LeG
12.08.2021 Clownus Clownus - BC -
BC -
12.08.2021 xxccxx xxccxx - BC -
BC -
12.08.2021 Kidaro Kidaro Ivan Bondarev DRAINERS X3
12.08.2021 linkkk linkkk - BuFi iVy
12.08.2021 2B 2B - BuFi BuFi
12.08.2021 kappulya kappulya - DRAINERS -
12.08.2021 TheBloodySky TheBloodySky Tim Meese-marktscheffel BuFi iVy
12.08.2021 Lowskill Lowskill Kaszas Tamas BuFi iVy


If you closely follow esports competitions and read Dota 2 esports, you know how important players are to the team’s performance. Esports teams in Dota consist of 5 people. Each team member performs their role and executes clearly defined tasks in the game. For this reason, line-up changes can seriously affect the results of performance in tournaments. But still, changes happen. Transitions to Dota 2 teams are called “transfers.” What can make a player leave one organization for another? Actually, there are a lot of reasons. Someone believes that they have outgrown their teammates in terms of their level of play, and they need to go to another club with more skillful players in order to further develop and build a career in esports. Others are lured into the clubs by offering good money. Some of them may not like the management’s policies regarding training and working conditions. Someone has a personal dislike for a teammate, which becomes the reason for a negative atmosphere within the team. It happens quite often. Even Dota 2 top players sometimes cannot contain their feelings and, in a fit of emotion, may accuse their teammate of actions that led to the team’s defeat. The best teams of DOTA 2 are close-knit teams in which there is a comfortable atmosphere; the management tries to create the necessary conditions for training and self-realization of the players. Team managers also carefully monitor the situation on the professional stage and periodically make offers to young cyber players who show promise. Fresh blood can sometimes have a positive effect on a team’s performance. These and many other reasons push players and team management to make transfers from time to time.
In Dota 2, major transfers can become high-profile and even sensational events. On this page, we have posted Dota 2 news about transfers and details about all the changes that occur in the teams. Stay tuned for more esports news with us!