Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
08.06.2022 mir Russian Federationmir Nikolay Bityukov Spirit EIQ
07.06.2022 AlcesT PolandAlcesT Adrian Chyziak AVEZ NAVI J
06.06.2022 f4stzin Brazilf4stzin Arthur Schmitt CAS CAS
06.06.2022 samys Brazilsamys Samara Ferreira Cruzeiro FEM W7M FEM
04.06.2022 Kingfisher AustraliaKingfisher David Kingsford RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Sico New ZealandSico Simon Williams RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Hatz AustraliaHatz Jordan Bajic RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 INS AustraliaINS Joshua Potter RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 aliStair AustraliaaliStair Alistair Johnston RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Liazz AustraliaLiazz John James Tregillgas RNG ORDER
03.06.2022 roeJ DenmarkroeJ Fredrik Jørgensen CPHF FNC
03.06.2022 nicoodoz Denmarknicoodoz Nico Tamjidi CPHF FNC
03.06.2022 HooXi DenmarkHooXi Rasmus Nielsen CPHF CPHF
03.06.2022 jabbi Denmarkjabbi Jakob Nygaard CPHF CPHF
03.06.2022 Zyphon DenmarkZyphon Rasmus Nordfoss CPHF CPHF
03.06.2022 lollipop21k Belaruslollipop21k Igor Solodkov IIE 1WIN
02.06.2022 Muenster United StatesMuenster Joseph Lima PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 Jonji CanadaJonji Jonathan Carey PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 djay Canadadjay Jonathan Dallal PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 ben1337 United Statesben1337 Ben Smith PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 PwnAlone United StatesPwnAlone Josh Pigue PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 viz United Statesviz Wesley Harris PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 Axed United StatesAxed Tommy Ryan Carpe EG
02.06.2022 chop United Stateschop Connor Sullivan Carpe EG
02.06.2022 HexT CanadaHexT Jadan Postma Carpe EG
02.06.2022 wiz United Stateswiz Jerric Jiang Carpe EG
02.06.2022 Walco CanadaWalco Colby Walsh Carpe EG
02.06.2022 CLASIA United StatesCLASIA Anthony Kearney Carpe EG
31.05.2022 n0rb3r7 Russian Federationn0rb3r7 David Danielyan K23 VP
31.05.2022 fame Russian Federationfame Petr Bolyshev K23 VP
31.05.2022 remix Brazilremix Victor Monteiro HL FEM UNO
31.05.2022 skullz Brazilskullz Felipe Medeiros HL FEM UNO
30.05.2022 HUGHMUNGUS AustraliaHUGHMUNGUS Hugh Anderson Looking For Orgre Aftershock
30.05.2022 Kamion HungaryKamion Jurus Zsolt ONYX ONYX
30.05.2022 pr1metapz Germanypr1metapz Luca Voigt SSP ONYX
30.05.2022 simix Belgiumsimix Robin Bynens Brugge Brugge
30.05.2022 n0te Belgiumn0te Roman Hamze Genk Brugge
29.05.2022 Grus NorwayGrus Sander Nordeide Iversen 777 777
29.05.2022 Ruyter NorwayRuyter Jonatan Ruyter 777 777
28.05.2022 Boombl4 Russian FederationBoombl4 Kirill Mikhailov NAVI NAVI
28.05.2022 Mad United KingdomMad James Debono Ex-EKO FAMBIT
28.05.2022 Gizmy United KingdomGizmy Jack Von Spreckelsen 1PIN FAMBIT
28.05.2022 ADRON RomaniaADRON Roberto Paun OTG KTRL
27.05.2022 Flayy PolandFlayy Alan Krupa GA ANM
27.05.2022 F1KU PolandF1KU Maciej Miklas AGO OG
27.05.2022 NEOFRAG Czech RepublicNEOFRAG Adam Zouhar SIN OG
25.05.2022 niko Denmarkniko Nikolaj Kristensen OG OG
25.05.2022 larsen Denmarklarsen Sebastian Larsen TRICKED TRICKED
25.05.2022 Zana PortugalZana Ana Queiroz equipa BIG EQ
25.05.2022 Aidy SpainAidy Aida Garcia equipa BIG EQ


In the world of esports, it is quite common for players to move from team to team. Such processes are called “transfers” in professional slang. On the CS:GO competitive scene, transitions of gamers from one club to another are very important for the players themselves as well as for the teams. There can be a variety of reasons for changing teams. Sometimes players realize that the training was successful, and they begin to surpass their teammates. In order to develop further and realize their potential, they need to find a club with more experienced players. Another reason why CS:GO transfers happen is personal conflicts. Misunderstandings, quarrels, and an unhealthy atmosphere within the team can force the organization to cut ties with a toxic team member. It also happens that esports teams simply sell their players to other clubs for good money. No matter how you look at it, a gamer can be worth quite a lot on the transfer market. You can use the rating of CS:GO players to estimate the potential value of the esports player. An esports organization can pay over $1 million for a contract with a gamer ranked one of the top ones.
CS:GO tournaments are important for teams. If you follow competitions and read CS:GO tournament news, you probably know that sometimes only one player can decide the outcome of a team’s performance in a championship. Considering that there are 5 players on each side, the replacement of even one participant can seriously affect the results of the whole team’s performance. The main CS:GO transfers often become sensations and are the subject of heated discussions by analysts, journalists, fans, and other people whose professional activities or hobbies are connected with esports and CS:GO. You can find detailed information on all current transfers on this page. We get our information from reliable sources and update all the data in time. If you want to keep up with the latest esports news, make sure you visit this page regularly and follow the latest transfers.