Player transfers

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
Old team/New team
18.08.2021 twist twist Simon Eliasson NGX Savage
18.08.2021 LucKyMaNN LucKyMaNN José Miguel Taipa De Sousa SAW Young SAW Young
18.08.2021 rafaxF rafaxF Rafael Faria SAW Young SAW Young
18.08.2021 Linko Linko - SAW Young SAW Young
18.08.2021 Shr Shr José Gil SAW Young SAW Young
18.08.2021 reibi reibi Paulo Lima SAW Young SAW Young
18.08.2021 Xerison Xerison - VP.P VP.P
18.08.2021 reatz reatz Paweł Jańczak PACT PACT
18.08.2021 EasTor EasTor Rajohn Linato OFFSET OFFSET
18.08.2021 seized seized Denis Kostin BEZ ZP SNG
18.08.2021 seized seized - BEZ ZP -
18.08.2021 clax clax Timur Sabirov BEZ ZP SNG
18.08.2021 Norwi Norwi Evgeny Ermolin BEZ ZP forZe
18.08.2021 d1Ledez d1Ledez Daniil Kustov BEZ ZP SNG
18.08.2021 FASHR FASHR Dion Derksen Vikings ECST
18.08.2021 WolfY WolfY Adam Andersson Vikings ECST
18.08.2021 Bielany Bielany Maciej Biliński Brugge ESCA
18.08.2021 DANZ DANZ Daniel Whitfield Kanga Kanga
18.08.2021 m0nt m0nt Jake Van Dorssen Kanga Kanga
18.08.2021 gab gab Gabriel Jaroszuk M1 EDEN M1 EDEN
18.08.2021 Crityourface Crityourface Szymon Pluta M1 EDEN M1 EDEN
18.08.2021 dash dash Jack Speck Kanga Kanga
18.08.2021 Edlinn Edlinn Tim Edlinn Kanga Kanga
18.08.2021 Riczi Maszynka Riczi Maszynka Kacper Benc M1 EDEN M1 EDEN
18.08.2021 REV REV Karol Zieliński M1 EDEN M1 EDEN
18.08.2021 Lyme Lyme Liam Yucel Chiefs weird
18.08.2021 TjP TjP - Kanga Kanga
18.08.2021 olimp olimp Patryk Woźniak M1 EDEN M1 EDEN
18.08.2021 falshee falshee Vladislav Romenskiy Moralezz meww
18.08.2021 Mewpy Mewpy - Moralezz XGaming
18.08.2021 lUMiER lUMiER Yan Menshikov Moralezz -
18.08.2021 PARKER PARKER Ivan Drozdov Moralezz Moralezz
18.08.2021 yaph yaph Artem Klischevskiy Moralezz Moralezz
18.08.2021 Nodios Nodios Magnus Olsen AGF AGF
18.08.2021 Kristou Kristou Kristoffer Aamand AGF AGF
17.08.2021 kreaz kreaz Rasmus Johansson Finest Finest
17.08.2021 shokz shokz Kristjan Jakobson Finest Finest
17.08.2021 Midgard Midgard - DUSTY DUSTY
17.08.2021 horvy horvy João Horvath Imperial Imperial
17.08.2021 delboNi delboNi Felipe Delboni Imperial Imperial
17.08.2021 BOROS BOROS Mohammad Malhas END END
17.08.2021 ekg ekg Efe-kerem Gençdiş THB THB
17.08.2021 Cizzx Cizzx Can Pars THB THB
17.08.2021 eneshan eneshan Eneshan Tez Sangal LLL
17.08.2021 cyber cyber Ahmet Akpınar THB THB
17.08.2021 fola fola Okan Kılıç THB EF Ac
17.08.2021 fola fola - Şahangiller -
17.08.2021 ESQUEZ ESQUEZ Uğur İçme THB THB
17.08.2021 briean briean Mert Akyazıcı Sivasspor Sivasspor
17.08.2021 Rae Rae Ali Eser Sivasspor Sivasspor


In the world of esports, it is quite common for players to move from team to team. Such processes are called “transfers” in professional slang. On the CS:GO competitive scene, transitions of gamers from one club to another are very important for the players themselves as well as for the teams. There can be a variety of reasons for changing teams. Sometimes players realize that the training was successful, and they begin to surpass their teammates. In order to develop further and realize their potential, they need to find a club with more experienced players. Another reason why CS:GO transfers happen is personal conflicts. Misunderstandings, quarrels, and an unhealthy atmosphere within the team can force the organization to cut ties with a toxic team member. It also happens that esports teams simply sell their players to other clubs for good money. No matter how you look at it, a gamer can be worth quite a lot on the transfer market. You can use the rating of CS:GO players to estimate the potential value of the esports player. An esports organization can pay over $1 million for a contract with a gamer ranked one of the top ones.
CS:GO tournaments are important for teams. If you follow competitions and read CS:GO tournament news, you probably know that sometimes only one player can decide the outcome of a team’s performance in a championship. Considering that there are 5 players on each side, the replacement of even one participant can seriously affect the results of the whole team’s performance. The main CS:GO transfers often become sensations and are the subject of heated discussions by analysts, journalists, fans, and other people whose professional activities or hobbies are connected with esports and CS:GO. You can find detailed information on all current transfers on this page. We get our information from reliable sources and update all the data in time. If you want to keep up with the latest esports news, make sure you visit this page regularly and follow the latest transfers.