Hearthstone is a collectible online card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment company. The game has great competitive potential, becoming a separate esports discipline. Even though only one player from the team takes part in each Hearthstone tournament, this discipline has esports teams. Thus, Hearthstone teams exist, but the game can’t be treated as a team play. How could this happen? The players enter the lineup of Hearthstone teams, esport companies, and clubs to get numerous advantages. Among the lineup of the modern esport clubs, there are not only players but their coaches, managers, psychologists, PR managers, and other experts. Their main task is to help gamers and make them focused on preparing for the tournaments. Top teams in the Hearthstone take players under their wings and provide them with everything they need for comfortable work. We compiled the rating of the teams with professional esport clubs from the whole world. The rating demonstrates the situation happening in the professional competitive arena and allows one to estimate the opponents’ forces before the tournament.


Top Hearthstone teams are esport clubs that regularly win prestigious competitions and earn big money. Esport Hearthstone tournaments 2021 demonstrated which esport teams are the strongest today. Being a player of top clubs is very profitable, so many solo gamers dream of joining the Hearthstone teams. Despite the world-famous clubs, the young teams starting their Hearthstone esport career also take part in professional competitions. Many of them show excellent results from the start, which allows us to consider them promising teams. After all, even the legendary clubs made their first steps in esport long ago.

Royal Never Give Up

The top teams in Hearthstone are the elite clubs, which earn a lot of money. That’s why the top Hearthstone players always tend to get into the perspective esport teams. The rating of the teams included numerous promising clubs. One of such clubs is Royal Never Give Up, the lineup announced in the HS. It is a Chinese esport team, represented in the Hearthstone and in other games, such as Dota 2 and LOL. The club’s management managed to create all the conditions for the players, having set their salaries, created the training arena, and hired the coach. The first competition for RNG HC took place in 2016. Since that time, this team has managed to gain success in esports.

Invictus Gaming

Fans, who watched esport tournaments in 2021 with the participants of top Hearthstone teams, should know the name of this team. We are talking about the Invictus Gaming – a Hearthstone team from China, also represented in other esport disciplines. Invictus Gaming HS was formed in 2014. The team’s management did everything possible to hire new and talented gamers. Comm, Sword, XiaoYao, KowFox, XingSu, and QiuTu – the first Invictus Gaming ХС players. The team showed good results in the tournaments of the Asian region, having taken first place in I-league Season 4. Moreover, Invictus Gaming HS scored victories in such international tournaments as Masters Tour 2020 Madrid.

Team LaoPaoer

The team rating allows us to conclude that many top HS teams are from the Asian region. For example, LeoPaoer is a Hearthstone team from China whose lineups are represented in HS and other competitive disciplines. The LaoPaoer Team Hearthstone is famous not only in its region but also worldwide. The first lineup of this team was formed in 2018 and included young players from China who were successful in showing excellent results in the competition in their region. Today TL Hearthstone team is a strong esport club with such top players as OmegaZero and Trunks.

Team Liquid

Hearthstone esports is popular not only in Asia. If we look at the teams’ ratings, we will see other top HS teams which play for the other regions. One of the brightest representatives of esport arena is Team Liquid, which exists not only in HS but also in other disciplines. The first lineup of Team Liquid was assembled in 2014. The first tournaments for team Liquid ended with a victory. They managed to win such competitions as SeatStory Cup II and Masters Tour 2019 Las Vegas. If we talk about the esport tournaments 2021, we should admit FR0zen – a player who won Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 – Americas – Week 6.