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Valorant is a shooter game developed by Riot Games and released in 2020. However, although Valorant is a new esport discipline, the game is rapidly gaining popularity and attracting the attention of experienced esports players. Many Valorant players are veterans of other esports disciplines. They team up to compete in prestigious events where victories bring glory and big cash rewards. The 2021 edition of the esports tournaments has been a huge spectator experience. The best esports teams from all over the world showcased their skills at these tournaments. We have compiled a Valorant Player Ranking based on the results of past competitions. This ranking will allow you to assess the merits of each esports player based on their current form and achievements to date. The rankings are based on statistics so you can rest assured that the information is as unbiased as possible and reflects the current state of play on the esports scene. The Valorant Top Players have been compiled by the most prominent esports players who have made significant achievements by winning competitions.


The best Valorant players, as well as top gamers in other competitive disciplines, are well known in the fan community. They are role models for young people who dream of building e-sport careers and fulfilling their potential through Valorant. Not everyone can do it, as the competition in esports is unusually high. The Valorant tournaments allow you to determine the best gamers to take their place at the top of our list. The Valorant leaderboard contains the names of many professional gamers and on the first line of the ranking you can see the name of the person, who holds, among other titles, the title of the highest paid esports player in the world. We want to tell you about the people who have made a significant contribution to the development of esports and Valorant.


Brandon Winn, known as Aceu Valorant to the community, is considered one of the most promising players today. Brandon Winn has made his mark in several esports disciplines, including such popular games as CS GO and Apex Legends. He has recently become well known to people who have watched the 2021 esports tournaments. Many Valorant tournaments have ended in Aceu’s favour. At the same time, he was able to beat even the Valorant top team, snatching victory out of their hands. Aceu’s rating has now become a point of personal pride for him. It reflects the player’s actual achievements and allows us to judge Brandon as an outstanding individual in the esports field.


G2 team captain Oscar mixwell Cañellas Colocho is one of the best Valorant players in the world. His skills in combat are equally matched by his confidence and charisma in real life, which has made him the face of G2 Esports. As you have already realised, Mixwell is a Valorant player who has been able to achieve outstanding results. This is evidenced by his merits and his personal Mixwell rating, which is the envy of many prominent professional gamers. Oscar is well known to cyber-sports fans, as he has previously competed in another e-sport discipline, CS GO. However, as of 2020, Mixwell is a Valorant player competing in the big leagues. His personal credentials, experience and decision-making skills lead G2 to victory.


The best Valorant teams would like to have this man in their line-up. However, Erik “Bird” Sjösten is committed to his team. Bird is a valorant coach who, until recently, coached the Ninjas in Pyjamas players. As a result of Bird’s efforts, the team’s ranking has improved considerably and the players have been able to achieve excellent results in competitions. Although the year 2021 has passed in rest mode for Bird, we may soon see him return to esports. If that happens, perhaps his career will continue as a coach, but it’s not impossible that he will become a Valorant player. It’s quite possible that it will be Eric who will carry the title of “highest paid esports gamer”.


Rhyme’s personality is known outside of the professional Valorant scene, as he has featured in other e-sport disciplines. In particular, you can find Rhyme rated in CS GO. Yes, he is a versatile player who has tried himself in various games, but at the moment decided to settle on Valorant and continue his career in this game. At the moment, Rhyme is a Valorant player representing the Ninjas in Pyjamas team. The teammates recognise the personal merits of this player and appreciate his contribution to the cause. Thanks to Rhyme’s efforts, tournaments featuring Valorant’s best teams often result in wins for Ninjas in Pyjamas.


Our list of Valorant top players is rounded off with a story about a prominent gamer from the USA. We’re talking about a man called Jay Vaughn, known to the community as Sinatraa Valorant. Sinatraa is a top tier player and renowned streamer. He started his career in Valorant in 2020. However, before that, he was seen in Overwatch, where he achieved some good results. For Sinatraa – Valorant is not just a game, but also a space for self-fulfilment. To his credit, he has won tournaments where he has been challenged by Valorant’s top teams. In addition to winning tournaments, Sinatraa also runs a streaming channel. It is in this area that his recent activities have concentrated.