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The 2021 Overwatch esports tournament was one of the most anticipated events of the year. And the expectations were justified, the best esports teams demonstrated their skills and showed an entertaining game, keeping the audience engaged. The best Overwatch players fought for prestigious titles, prize money and a chance to take the highest positions in the ranking of the best esports players. The Overwatch player rankings are in front of you. This is a special list, which is regularly updated and reflects the current state of play in the professional arena. The ranking shows you the names of famous players, and the higher the name is on the list, the better the player is doing at the moment. The Overwatch top players are only the strongest gamers, who have won a number of prestigious competitions and made their name through skillful play. A place in the ranking cannot be bought, so our list allows you to get the most accurate overview of what is going on in esports. The rankings will also help you understand the current form of the players and their chances of winning future competitions.


The best Overwatch players are rich and famous people who have achieved a lot in their lives. Their career started differently, but all of them came to success through hard work, regular trainings and the hardest trials. Overwatch Player Ranking is a list where you’ll find the names of the legendary players and those who are just taking their first steps in their esports careers. Prestigious Overwatch tournaments, or to be more precise, winning them allows players to move up the rankings and get higher positions. In the following, we will tell you about those players who demonstrated how to play Overwatch and win the most prestigious tournaments.


There is one very cool player among the best of the modern scene. rEspawN is a prominent figure on the modern esports scene. rEspawN is an Overwatch player who has managed to record victories in several prestigious competitions. It is widely believed that OW tournaments are too easy for him. That may be true, but the victories in the tournaments are entirely his own merit. The rEspawN rating is a point of pride for him and is the envy for other players. He is an experienced player who tries to surprise his opponents and play outside the box. The fun part is that he’s good at it. Thus, he is capable of beating even Overwatch top teams that are not lucky enough to be on his roster.


The name Kryw is familiar to many people who are interested in professional esports competitions. If you’re new to esports and haven’t heard of the man, we’d love to tell you about him. Kryw is an OW player whose career began in 2015. He has won numerous awards and achievements to his credit, as well as key events in Overwatch Open and other leagues. Kryw Overwatch is a legend and idol to a large number of fans. The best Overwatch players have a great deal of respect for this esports player, considering him one of the most prominent members of the scene. For Kryw himself, OW has been the place where he has been able to realize his full potential and achieve success.


The best Overwatch teams would love to have this Swedish player in their ranks. Of course, we’re talking about Zebbosai, the OW player who conquered the Esports community and became one of the most famous esports players in the world. Sebastian Olsson or Zebbosai began his Overwatch career by joining the ranks of Creation esports in 2016. Until then, he was known as a Team Fortress 2 player. Sebastian quickly settled into the OW and began to make strides, which was immediately noticed by other teams and began making offers to him. He has played in Graviton Surge, Misfits and Florida Mayhem where he was teammates with some of Overwatch’s best players.


The 2021 Esports tournaments have given us plenty of sensation and opened the way to the top of the rankings for many aspiring players. But we can’t forget about the legendary veterans of the game. One of those veterans is Skipjack – an Overwatch player who has become an example to many. For Skipjack Overwatch, his career began in 2015. At the time, he was defending the honour of Team Eccentric Gaming in tournaments. It must be said that tournaments were a challenge for Skipjack, but a challenge which he passed successfully, recording successive victories to his credit. For many modern players, this player has become a role model. We can therefore safely call Skipjack OV a legend who has made a tremendous contribution to the development of esports.


We can’t help but include this French gamer in the top Overwatch players. We’re talking about SoOn, an Overwatch veteran of the esports movement. SoOn is a professional-level player who has served as a DPS on top esports teams. His career kicked off in 2016. He has won prestigious tournaments such as Overwatch League 2020 – Summer Showdown, OWL – Inaugural Season Stage 4 Title Matches, Overwatch Open, DreamHack Winter 2016 and many others. For many fans, this player has become an idol, and they enjoy re-watching recordings of his best matches. For SoOn himself, the OW has become more than just a game, but a thing in which he has put his soul.